I have approached the core of all things, and felt it is as much within as it is without.

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Meditation quotes :)

Neat little tips for anyone struggling with bringing meditation into their life.

What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.

Alan Watts

Leaves are usually looked upon as the children of the tree. Yes, they are children of the tree, born from the tree, but they are also mothers of the tree. The leaves combine raw sap, water, and minerals, with sunshine and gas, and convert it into a variegated sap that can nourish the tree. In this way, the leaves become the mother of the tree. We are all children of society. If we are uprooted from society, we cannot transform it into a more liveable place for us and for our children. The leaves are linked to the tree by a stem. The stem is very important.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Everyday …

… you wake up, and you learn again. Learn the previous cycles. The familiarities. Everyday, you get up again. Get into that old body of yours and teach it something new, or teach it to let go, or tell it to run, or eat healthy, or meditate, or read. Never, ever forget to grow. Never, ever forget you don’t stop growing. There’s always something new, and you’ll never know it all. So get up again, and learn.

The view is to look at reality, which is beyond the intellect.
Meditation is to rest in a state of distraction.
Conduct is to sustain unceasingly whatever naturally occurs.
The result is to abandon hopes, fears, and conventional terms.


Your House

There are many ways into this house. But once within - no matter the entrance - you will find the same thing, a house. But beware, once in the house - YOUR house - there is no way out, so first may come the time to notice the other entrances, and respect them. There are many ways in, some faster, some harder - respect them.

Then may come the time to look in, at the rooms and the walls, the wallpaper and the cracks. Then the furniture and hangings. Then the carpet and rugs and the furniture behind the furniture. and the trinkets and accoutrements adorning them. Then the bits hiding away in cupboards and under the stairs. And the dust, and the damage and wear on all these things you see in your demesne. Dig deep and you’ll surprise yourself.

The house - the universe, the all, the mind - is fractal, and what you’ll find can be painful, but to unroot the waste bracken of the garden that is mind is necessary. Once it is started new flowers may bloom - brilliant new colours. And the universe will be all the brighter for it in return.

On meditation, one person asked another ‘Where are you going with this?’ To which the other replied ‘Nowhere, I am staying.’

8 - me

Thoughts on Unsatisfactoriness

We cannot seek suffering, it will come to you if it is needed. Naturally it is eminent in our being, of our processes day to day, but it is not necessary as a goal of growth to actively want to embrace it. It will embrace you - when necessary.

I’ve approached the core of all things, and felt it is as much within as it is without.

7 - Me

Every moment contains an infinity. Every passing force holds the information for the sum of all things - of the finite infinity - that will slowly one day resolve, we suppose, into a milky wave of rested matter and comprehension.

6 - Me